Signature Series

Delve into Signature Series, an exclusive assortment of ERC-721 NFTs, showcasing incomparable digital artworks, each imbued with a unique, unmistakable mark of authenticity

Fusion Series

Explore Fusion Series, an ERC-1155 NFT collection merging unique digital assets with rich metadata for an enhanced NFT experience

Eternum Pass

Eternum pass offers a unique subscription model through its NFTs, enabling users to access premium content and services for a set duration, benefiting content creators and providers


Explore InstaGen, an ERC-721A NFT collection with unique, indivisible, and limited-edition digital assets, elevating your digital art portfolio's rarity and exclusivity

Eternal Soul

An NFT that cannot be transferred and serves as a public verification of an individual's credentials, affiliations, and commitments

Phygital NFTs

Phygital NFTs redefine the boundary between the tangible and digital universes, seamlessly uniting physical assets with blockchain technology

Dynamic Realms

Dynamic NFTs that provide dynamic features, changes in a dNFT smart contract are based on conditions